“Often when you’re in poverty, you’re discounted and ignored. You don’t have a voice.”
— Tracey Jones, Circles Leader (Boulder, CO)


Books written by Circles USA Founder, Scott Miller

Bootstraps and Benefits: What the Right and Left Understand about Poverty and How We Can Work Together for Lasting Solutions,
By Scott C. Miller, Circles founder

Identifies ways that liberal and conservative ideologies can merge to reduce poverty.

Until It’s Gone: Ending Poverty in our Nation, in our Lifetime,
By Scott Miller, Circles founder

Provides an overview on poverty in America and explains the Circles model. Offers practical advice for those in poverty as well as those who would like to help people in need.

Transformational Heart: How to Master the Four Seasons of Transformational Change,
By Scott Miller, Circles founder

We are each hard-wired to want to make a difference with our lives. This book provides an easy-to-follow process for tapping into your heart’s deepest desires and bringing about a lasting change in the world. Transformational Heart™ takes you through a straightforward process of ensuring that your time, talents and treasures are being channeled into the direction that your heart wants you to go.