Joblingo Presenting Pre-Conference Training

Dr. Jan McCormick will be presenting Job-Lingo Training on Monday April 20th, 2015 from 1pm-4:30pm. Dr. McCormick has offered to lead a training session for those who are registered conference attendees. Registration for this training IS REQUIRED.

Jan-McCormick1Jan McCormick, Ed.D., is the founder and CEO of Full Circle Career Services, LLC. She has spent the past 18 years studying the job readiness factors that impact gaining and maintaining employment.

Her Job Readiness Assessment (JRA) has been used extensively since 1997 by schools, agencies and non-profits helping new grads, unemployed, disabled and at-risk populations including veterans, single parents, teens and ex-offenders.

JobLingo Job Training Workshop

Whether it is a first job, next job or a career transition, this workshop will help you prepare Circle leaders to meet their employment challenges with confidence. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce Circles USA participants to the JobLingo Job Readiness Program design, activities and assessment process. After completing the workshop, attendees will be able to train Circle Leaders how to:

  • Write a job-specific resume and cover letter
  • Utilize assessment tools in career development and interview coaching
  • Facilitate networking techniques and skills pitch development
  • Maximize mock interview tools and techniques
  • Effectively use a behavioral checklist strategy for coaching next-level performance

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