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Thank you for your interest in exploring Circles as a solution to poverty in your community! Once you submit the form below a member of our team will respond to you about next steps.


What Others Are Saying

“Our Feasibility Study Group spoke to Circles USA personnel, leaders of Circles affiliates throughout the country, and representatives of other kinds of self-sufficiency and community-building programs. The decision to choose the Circles model came down to this: Circles is an established program with a proven track record of success and provides both a program framework/model and flexibility for customizing the program to our community.” Sarah Thornburg Executive Director, Friends In Deed

What Happens Next?

Circles USA will engage with your community as you work through these four stage of development:

  • ASSESSMENT – Asking questions: “Is Circles right for our community? Do we have the leadership and resources to start a Circles program in our community?”
  • CIRCLES IN THE MAKING – Getting started: If your community is ready and willing to start Circles, you will enter into a planning agreement with Circles USA (CUSA) to lay the foundation.
  • CIRCLES DEMONSTRATION – Taking action: You are now implementing Circles to support families out of poverty, collecting data, and assessing outcomes. You are asking, “How is it working in our community? Do we like the results we are getting? Have we been able to secure resources to sustain and grow the Circles program?”

SCALING TO A TIPPING POINT – Moving forward: You are happy with the results and can see the potential of growing Circles in your community to end poverty.

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