Communicating Your Vision

In Leading Change: An Action Plan from the World’s Foremost Expert on Business Leadership, John Kotter states that leaders must spend 70% of their time leading. The primary task is communicating the vision to stakeholders in as many ways and times as necessary. Leaders underestimate the frequency of communication needed to create a new culture.

What are the elements of an effective communication of your vision? Here’s insight from Carmine Gallo’s Talk Like Ted: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds:

  1. Unleash the master within.
  2. Master the art of storytelling.
  3. Have a conversation.
  4. Teach me something new.
  5. Deliver jaw-dropping moments.
  6. Lighten up.
  7. Stick to the 18-minute rule.
  8. Paint a mental picture with multi-sensory experiences.
  9. Stay in your lane.

I highly recommend Gallo’s book as a primer for amplifying your capacity to communicate your vision. What if you do not like public speaking? Or what if articulating a vision is not what you want to do all the time? It’s important to understand your preferences now so you can identify the role that best suits your personality. To lead, one must have clarity about his or her role along with time dedicated to play it.

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