Content to Inform Your Strategies

The following content areas are important to Circles USA’s strategies for ending poverty.

  • A Tipping Point

A tipping point, such as reducing poverty rates in the United States by 10% within 10 years, could drastically reduce the number of adults and children living in poverty. Gaining widespread commitment could be a game changer.

  • Transformational Leadership

Leaders need a process for transformational change and a robust community of practice. They need more coaching that inspires and challenges them to function at even higher levels of performance. In order to remain urgent about transforming the community, they need enough direct contact with those they are ultimately helping through their leadership work. Leaders need to be reminded, and often need to be supported, to delegate management activities so that they can dedicate the required time necessary to truly lead.

  • Shifting from Poverty Management to Poverty Reduction

Our current system results in the management of poverty rather than reducing poverty rates. We are accountable only to delivering units of service in an ecosystem of poverty management programs with silos in crisis intervention, stabilization, workforce readiness, job placement, and advancement.

A new and alternative poverty reduction system must more comprehensively support people through all five stages of self-sufficiency in order to drastically affect poverty rates.

  • Cliff Effect Mitigation

To unleash the phantom workforce of those who could work but believe they can’t “afford” to, we must eliminate disincentives built into safety net programs such as childcare assistance, food stamps, Medicaid, housing assistance, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

  • Community Allies
  • Relevant Education
  • Cross-Sector Partnerships for Job Creation
  • Research, Data, and Accountability
  • Increasing Poverty IQ

Learn more: Transformational Leadership: A Framework to End Poverty ~ By Scott C. Miller

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