The Empathy Table

Circles USA Executive Director Jamie Haft is included in the latest episode of The Empathy Table, along with Christy Vines (Ideos), Cheryl Cuthbertson (Children of the Nations), and Diana Oestreich (Preemptive Love). 

The conversation is about the future post-COVID-19 and what it looks like to care for the marginalized and vulnerable when we emerge from quarantine. More specifically, the group discusses building relationships and extending neighbor love to disadvantaged populations as they face increased suffering due to COVID-19. 

The group considers the ways relationships move us to go out and advocate for the good of others. Life under and beyond quarantine has a lot to do with sacrifice, and moving forward well demands inclusivity, reconciliation of brokenness, and the learning of lessons about ourselves and our own vulnerability. 

The group concludes their talk with reflections on togetherness, generosity, and how we can open ourselves to care for the wellbeing of those on the margins of society.