Relational Strategy for Poverty Reduction

A Poverty Reduction System will need to include a powerful relational strategy in order for people to take full advantage of transactional programs. Relational strategies strengthen the social capital of people who want to move out of poverty and into economic stability.

  • Bridging capital builds relationships across socioeconomic class lines, which is important for helping people understand the middle-class rules for success in education, networking, employment, financial management, and career advancement.
  • Bonding capital builds peer-to-peer relationships that provide motivation, support, and important information in achieving economic stability.
  • Linking capital builds relationships between community service programs and individuals who want to use them effectively.

All three types of social capital are necessary in moving out of poverty. At Circles USA, we have found over the past 20 years that social capital is essential not only to establish personal and economic stability but also to maintain that stability over time. Fostering intentional relationships that create social capital is a high impact strategy to end poverty.

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