Meet CUSA Information Systems and Design Manager Courtney Cowan

Courtney Cowan, our Information Systems and Design Manager, has served Circles USA for over 6 years. Since 2016, she has managed Circles USA’s national data system as well as training Circles chapters on how to collect, enter, and utilize their data. She also serves as general IT support and graphic designer for Circles USA and our chapters.

What does your CUSA role involve?

I am the technical support for Circles USA. I built the national database and continue to analyze and improve the system while providing support with data support calls and developing training materials for the chapters. I provide technical support to the national team; analyze national and local data; manage websites; and create logos, brochures, manuals, guides, and reports for national and chapter use.

What brought you to CUSA?

I contracted with Circles USA as part of a team in 2015. I was excited to play a part in supporting a non-profit organization while utilizing my IT knowledge. In 2016, just as my contract was coming to an end, I was offered a full-time position.

How has CUSA changed your life, your thinking about poverty, and/or your relationships with others? 

Circles has shaped my future for the better. While working at Circles USA, I was able to continue my education and still have time for my family. I value the work-life balance that Circles promotes for everyone, even in the national office. Also, the knowledge I have gained from Circles has helped me explain the roadblocks my family experienced as I was growing up and has allowed me to be a better ally to friends and family who are experiencing these struggles themselves.

What is your favorite part of your job?

There are many things I love about my job. Circles gives me the freedom to learn something new every day while exploring ways to improve our functionality and support for the chapters.
I also enjoy meeting with the chapters: to help them see the results of all of their hard work and to hear their success stories. Another favorite of mine is the working environment and team at Circles USA. We are a very family-oriented organization. We truly care and support each other.

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