Lives Transformed Video Spotlight: Budgeting and Saving | Ashon’s Story | Circles USA

I feel more secure because of my time at Circles. I feel more joy because I know that I have that support system there.

– Ashon, Circles Troup County, GA

Budgeting and other financial skills can help families move from surviving to thriving. Here, healthcare worker Ashon describes her first Circles USA meeting as “A breath of fresh air”…one that would connect her with the support network she needed to reach her savings goal and build an emergency fund to sustain her family through unexpected setbacks.

Natalie Martyn, director of photography and editor of Circles USA’s Lives Transformed film series, also found a breath of fresh air in her visit with Ashon’s family and chapter. “Ashon and I both eat vegan food,” she remembers, “so we connected about vegan cheese! She convinced me to try Waffle House–which was a lot better than I expected. Her son Ja’Shon was so sweet to film; we captured some lovely family photos of them as well.”

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