Lives Transformed Video Spotlight: Education and Self-Confidence | April’s Story | Circles USA

I’m really proud that I can show my kids I’m doing these hard things. I’m making it, and they’re going to make it too.

– April, Circle Leader, Circles Green Bay, WI

Social isolation can lead to “survival mode”—an exhausting cycle that traps people in poverty. April, a young mother in WI, felt stalled in her life and wanted to build meaningful connections in her community. As a Circle Leader in her Green Bay, WI CUSA chapter, April found Allies that helped her access the self-confidence she needed to prioritize self-care, further her education, and pursue professional credentials.

Natalie Martyn, director of photography and editor of Circles USA’s Lives Transformed film series, recalls: “April was part of a group lunch we had in Green Bay. I specifically remember how everyone encouraged April to appreciate herself for the hard work she put into school and for earning high grades. We wish we had been able to include Johnna Beth (Jeff’s wife and April’s second Ally) in the interviews, but unfortunately she was out of town when we were filming.”

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