Circles USA Launches New Podcast The Big View: Ending Poverty in Your Community

“After 25 years of leadership in the anti-poverty arena,” says Circles USA Executive Director Kamatara Johnson, “we’ve noticed a pattern: moving from surviving to thriving involves five key stages.”

In the first season of our new The Big View: Ending Poverty in Your Community podcast, Kamatara and CUSA Chief Integrity Officer Yvette Trujillo unpack these five stages: Crisis Intervention, Stabilization, Readiness, Placement and Advancement. Our first episode, released today, is a brief overview and introduction to the six-episode season.

Whether you’re financially secure, navigating poverty, or somewhere in between, grasping the complexities of poverty and finding solutions can feel daunting. The Big View aims to end the silence and stigma by illustrating what it takes for people to move out of poverty, the barriers that stand in their way, and the beautiful transformation that happens as they move towards prosperity. Kamatara and Yvette equip listeners with key insights on how they can foster equity and support individuals and families in their own communities—always with a finger on the deep compassion, humility, and collaboration that this work requires.

The Big View podcast will air biweekly on Wednesdays starting May 1 (today!). You can listen, follow, and review on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. The video version is available to watch exclusively on our Youtube channel.