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You Can Help Begin the End of Poverty!

Circles has been integral to thousands of families moving out of poverty over the past twenty years. We have built a bona-fide community solution to poverty. Our results show a steadily growing increase of earned income for families across the nation: 41% ($296/month more income) in 6 months, 60% ($433/month more income) in 12 months, and 88% ($639/month more income) in 18 months. People have new plans, a strong support system, and access to community services in ways that they did not have before.

Our mission remains to inspire and equip communities and families to resolve poverty and thrive. Our board has made a commitment to bring Circles to 10% of all the US Counties and major Cities by 2026. We are currently in 21 states, 70 plus communities in 58 counties and 13 major cities. Next month we enroll five new communities bringing our total to 63 counties and 24 major cities. To reach 10%, we will be in 300 counties and 30 major cities.

End PovertyOur early developmental work with Circles began 20 years ago in a church in Ames, IA. As I watched the progress being made by our first group of Circle Leaders (those moving out of poverty), I was convinced that this was the work to be doing. For example, Nancy and her two young children now had a reliable car, a new job, and a safer place to live. More importantly, she had a network of friends that knew her, and her situation, intimately enough to be true Allies to her. She was not going to have to feel the crushing isolation that had caused so much suffering before she found Circles.

Circles USA has been funded almost exclusively for the past 20 years on membership fees. In order to scale Circles to a level that will begin the end of poverty in our nation, we are launching a series of new public appeal campaigns.

Our first goal created was to raise $18,000 immediately to hire the technical writer, and I’m excited to say, we met that goal because of your donations!  The next goal is $180,000. These funds will be used to work in each of our 21 states and secure $1,800,000 to help 800 families out of poverty.

Why multiples of 18? It is a very important number to Circles. That is the minimum number of months we ask Circle Leaders and Allies to commit to one another to achieve success.

Please consider giving to Circles USA so we can expand Circles as quickly as possible. Millions of people are living in poverty in the richest nation on earth. It is time to eradicate our poverty in our own communities. By doing so, we are better prepared to be Allies to others around the world who are ready to begin the end of poverty in their nations.

Please use the form below to make a contribution today. On behalf of Nancy and thousands like her, let’s commit to begin the end of poverty in our nation, in our lifetime!