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You Can Help Begin the End of Poverty!

Your gift will help expand Circles to help more families and communities resolve poverty and thrive. We are committed to bringing Circles to 10% of all the US Counties and major Cities by 2026. We are currently in 21 states, 70 plus communities in 58 counties and 13 major cities. Next month we enroll five new communities bringing our total to 63 counties and 24 major cities. To reach 10%, we will be in 300 counties and 30 major cities.

Millions of people are living in poverty in the richest nation on earth. It is time to eradicate our poverty in our own communities. Only then can we become Allies to others around the world who are ready to begin the end of poverty in their nations.

Please use the form below to make a contribution today. Let’s commit to begin the end of poverty in our nation, in our lifetime!


“Circles helped my mom budget and plan our money. We don’t run out of milk money now. If we run out of milk, we can get it instead of waiting a week when we have money again.” ~ Youth Participant Mom is a Circle Leader

Poverty Line“Although God’s plans for me are far from over, I will continue to push forward and always remember to pay it forward. Today, my life is no longer about just surviving. I am finally thriving!” ~ Ebony Clayborne Circle Leader

Poverty Line

“Being a Circles Ally is like being a VIP on the floor at a Knicks game. You see the “thrill of victory” up-close-and-personal.” ~ Ken Smith Ally to Ebony

Poverty Line

“Lots of people in poverty don’t want to be there, and they would do what it takes to get out if they knew how … that’s what Circles provides.” ~ Circle Leader Grant County, Indiana

Poverty Line

“Before Circles, I was struggling. I still struggle, from time to time, but what I have now that I didn’t a year-and-a-half ago is support. Circles helped me learn how to budget and save money and my Allies supported me. I’m trying to break the cycle, so my children don’t grow up in poverty.  I want them to be successful in life.” ~ Amber Schwingdorf Circle Leader