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Providing Opportunities

Circles brings people together for life-changing opportunities.

“About six months ago, I was introduced to Circles and a Circles Leader who was an experienced bookkeeper. I hired her. Circles gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I am part of a happy ending that is really just the beginning. Hiring someone from Circles is more than filling a position. It is giving someone a chance to grow out of poverty.” Rene Stapf, Small Business Owner, Albuquerque, N.M.

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A strong economy relies heavily on a robust business community. And those employers are an essential component to the Circles model as they can help create a pathway out of poverty. As an employer, you have the power to make a difference by providing help to Circle chapters in your area. More than donations, encouraging your employees to seek out opportunities to volunteer can help the most by providing key insights into securing and maintaining gainful employment. Find out what opportunities exist in your community by contacting us today.

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Support the efforts of your local Circles chapters by donating to their efforts to help end poverty. Donate Now

Hire a Circles Leader

Circles Leaders have set a path for economic sustainability backed by job readiness support, planning and mentoring through the Circles curriculum and the support they receive from Allies and others involved in their local Circles chapter. A pivotal part of their plan focuses on securing and maintaining gainful employment. Beyond a job, gainful employment and the opportunities to advance in it mean that they will succeed – moving away from public assistance and toward economic independence. Those opportunities can change an individual life or an entire family. Find out more about how you can best get involved by contacting Gena Atcher at (888) 232-9285, or by email at