Resolve Poverty
& Thrive

Circles USA

Circles USA offers a unique relationship-based strategy that engages the entire community to move from a focus on the management of poverty, to collaborative ownership of the solutions to poverty. The Circles model works to:

  1. Inspire and Equip individuals and families to permanently move out of poverty and thrive.
  2. Inspire and Equip communities to pursue a 10% reduction in the poverty rate over ten years, causing a tipping point that accelerates an end to poverty.

What would it take to end poverty?

Circles USA has been asking this question since 1992, testing out theories, refining methodologies, and building an extensive network of leaders who are committed to ending poverty. We have a roadmap, the right vehicle, and the persistence to reach the destination. We are ready to go the distance.

We have committed to bringing Circles to 10% of all US Counties, and 10% of all major cities to inspire and equip the nation to end poverty, in our lifetime.

After years of working with communities throughout the nation, and building relationships between thousands of people moving out of poverty with those who want to be their allies, we have learned there are 3 non-negotiable commitments that must be made in order to end poverty.

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