Resolve Poverty & Thrive

Circles USA has chapters across North America offering a unique relationship-based strategy that engages the entire community to move from a focus on the management of poverty, to collaborative ownership of the solutions. The Circles model works to:

  1. Inspire and Equip individuals and families to permanently move out of poverty and thrive.
  2. Inspire and Equip communities to pursue a 10% reduction in the poverty rate over ten years, causing a tipping point that accelerates an end to poverty.

The Cliff Effect

Circles USA has chapters in more than 20 states that bring community volunteers into partnership with families who are committed to getting out of poverty. In 2014, the Circles network was asked what is the biggest barrier to getting out of poverty. The answer was unequivocally the Cliff Effect that is built into assistance programs. The Cliff Effect occurs when assistance programs like childcare subsidies and Medicaid remove benefits faster than people can earn enough income to replace them. By not pro-rating the exit ramp to these programs, the government creates a financial crisis for people as they earn more income.

The Circles Story

 The Circles Story by Scott C. Miller

quoteWe have been conditioned to believe poverty is an unavoidable problem of society.

What if that’s not true?

What if we have normalized an abusive condition that we could actually solve?

Scott C. Miller
Founder & CEO, Circles USA

Scott C. Miller

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