“To be happy, we have to have enough money, be engaged in a purpose that matters to us as well as others, and be actively cultivating a close circle of friends and family who are allies to us—they have our back when we most need them and we enjoy sharing our life with them.”
— Scott C. Miller, Founder of Circles USA

Books written by Circles USA Founder, Scott Miller

Transformational Leadership book cover

This book provides a framework for how to begin the reduction of poverty in your community. We currently have a poverty management system and what we need is a poverty reduction system. Leaders can join others around the country and use the Transformational Map to guide them through the process of creating an alternative system that reduces poverty and eventually can lead to the complete eradication of poverty.

Enough Money Meaning and Friends book cover

To be happy, we have to have enough money, be engaged in a purpose that matters to us, and enjoy a close circle of friends and family who have our back when we most need them. This book provides you with a straightforward approach to reorganizing your life around the essentials so you are no longer wasting your precious time, talent, and treasure on anything else. Make your highest contribution to a sustainable world that works for everyone.

Is there a solution to poverty? Even those who believe there is a solution differ on exactly what that solution is. Many conservatives believe the solution lies in people accepting more personal responsibility; and many liberals believe we need to provide more benefits. This book, Bootstraps and Benefits: What the Right and Left Understand about Poverty and How We Can Work Together for Lasting Solutions, shares how liberals and conservatives can come together to discuss and implement more powerful solutions to poverty with a strategic mix of insights from both Bootstraps and Benefits.

Your Heart is Calling cover

This book takes you through a straightforward process of ensuring that your time, talents and treasures are being channeled into the direction that your heart wants you to go.

*Formerly titled Transformational Heart.

The Circles Story book cover

This book shares stories from those focused on becoming more economically stable (Circle Leaders), community volunteers (Allies), funders, program staff, researchers, and community organization leaders.

This book provides an overview on poverty in America and explains the Circles model. Offers practical advice for those in poverty as well as those who would like to help people in need.