Impact Reports


Annual results show positive impact for local communities.

Results are reported on the individual and community levels. Participants experience increased skills and income, decreased dependence on public assistance, and expanded resources and support networks. At the community level, Circles USA connects diverse people across class lines, changes attitudes about poverty, and contributes to policy change.

Circles USA collects survey data prior to the start of the initiative, after training, and then every six months during the initiative. Longitudinal data is collected at 24, 36, and 48 months.

“I was broke, broken, and homeless with three kids. Now, I have a home, money in the bank, attend school, and most of all I have purpose. Circles was like a rescue team that came into my life while I was dying. They revived me, and I’m grateful.”
— LeAundrea Robinson (Greenville, SC)

Our theme of ‘breakthrough’ recognizes how 2021 was a year of acute economic insecurity, a year that highlighted just how much the Circles model is needed. 

In their own words, our participants share about their journeys toward building financial stability. To demonstrate the efficacy of the Circles model, we include a summary of multiple years of data. Plus, we highlight key breakthroughs in poverty alleviation, such as our Big View initiatives that dismantle systemic barriers that keep people trapped in poverty.”

— Jamie Haft (Circles USA Executive Director)