Impact Reports


Annual results show positive impact for local communities.

Results are reported on the individual and community levels. Participants experience increased skills and income, decreased dependence on public assistance, and expanded resources and support networks. At the community level, Circles USA connects diverse people across class lines, changes attitudes about poverty, and contributes to policy change.

Circles USA collects survey data prior to the start of the initiative, after training, and then every six months during the initiative. Longitudinal data is collected at 24, 36, and 48 months.

“Circles is one of the best models for long-term poverty reduction I have ever encountered. It sets up a new dynamic that puts the families who want to become economically stable in the driver’s seat rather than being viewed as clients choosing predetermined options. All involved create a community conversation to reduce poverty regionally.”
— Lynette Fields (Executive Director of Poverty Solutions Group)

“You’ll notice that this Impact Report is a little different from previous years, as Circles is always evolving into a more engaging, interconnected way of sharing knowledge. This multimedia report includes several videos along with the usual infographics and inspirational stories.

Our current theme is deepening and expanding Circles USA. The work of ending poverty is profound: it requires us to go deep into our communities, our systems, and our mindsets in order to reimagine communities where everyone can have enough money, meaning, and friends to thrive.”

Kamatara Johnson (Circles USA Executive Director)