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There is a solution to poverty!

quoteEnd PovertyWe have been conditioned to believe poverty is an unavoidable problem of society.


What if that’s not true?


What if we have normalized an abusive condition we could actually solve?


Scott C. Miller Founder & CEO, Circles USA

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No one should live in poverty. Families and communities can take charge of their destinies. And if given the right tools and support, economic stability can be achieved. We see it happen in our chapters every day.

Poverty Reduction Planning

M Americans
Below the Poverty Line
M Children
Living in poverty
% of Households
Lack Enough to Eat

There is a solution to poverty. Learn how Circles USA is helping communities move from a “poverty management system” to a “poverty reduction system.”

Bootstraps and Benefits: What the Right and Left Understand about Poverty and How We Can Work Together for Lasting Solutions

Poverty Book

Even those who believe there is a solution differ on exactly what that solution is.  


Many conservatives believe the solution lies in people accepting more personal responsibility; and many liberals believe we need to provide more benefits.


We can all come together to discuss and implement more powerful solutions to poverty.


Scott C. Miller Founder & CEO, Circles USA


When you donate to Circles USA you are helping begin the end of poverty. By eradicating poverty in our own communities we are better prepared to be Allies to others around the world who are ready to begin the end of poverty in their nations.