Economic Impact


How much impact does a $100 donation to Circles really make?

UCLA’s Anderson School of Business examined several years of Circles USA data to provide a definitive answer.

First, UCLA measured the income gains that Circles participants experienced over time. Second, UCLA quantified the reduction in taxpayer-funded government assistance that occurred as Circles participants became financially independent. The term economic impact refers to the combination of increased income and decreased government spending. Finally, UCLA compared chapters’ budgets to the economic impact they generated.

As the diagram shows, UCLA found that a $100 donation generates more than $100 of economic impact per Circles participant in the first year and over $600 of economic impact in five years! The economic impact is even stronger for Circles participants with kids: a $100 donation results in $500 of economic impact in the first year and over $1500 after five years!

Your donation to Circles will produce five times the value, and that’s just in the first year. Become a donor to make a long-term impact in your community.