“Our group spoke to Circles USA personnel, leaders of Circles affiliates, and representatives of other kinds of self-sufficiency and community-building programs. The decision to choose the Circles model came down to this: Circles is an established program with a proven track record of success.”
— Sarah Thornburg, Friends In Deed (Ypsilanti, MI)

The Circles model is unique because it easily integrates into existing support agencies. A Circles chapter can be launched by a range of organizations, including a social service agency, a food bank, a chamber of commerce, or a church. Circles chapters across the country have been started and/or supported by the nonprofit organizations, foundations, and corporations listed below.

Circles also builds partnerships to advance its poverty-reduction efforts through research and development. For example, Circles USA’s recent partnership with SPARQ at Stanford University provided chapters with new qualitative and quantitative metrics for evaluation.