Circles during COVID-19


Since the pandemic has made families more vulnerable to poverty and social isolation, the Circles initiative is needed more now than ever. 

In response to COVID-19, Circles USA assisted its chapters across the country in moving their weekly in-person meetings to online platforms. Supplies for weekly meetings are being delivered. And laptops and tech support are being offered to bolster participation and to assist with job searches and homeschooling. Some chapters are even coordinating grocery deliveries so participants and volunteers can prepare and eat meals together while meeting online.

New Circles chapters can now be launched and facilitated completely online. Communities also have the option of offering Circles in a hybrid form with digital and in-person gatherings. And in communities where social distancing protocols allow it, chapters can offer in-person, large-group weekly meetings.

The Circles initiative offers short-term COVID relief and long-term revitalization.

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