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The Results Are Powerful

an Ally from Columbus, Ga.

Helping People On Their Journey Out of Poverty: “When you join a Circle, you are embarking on a miraculous journey. Give of yourself and you will be amazed at the outcome.” 

Richard Shirey,
Muncie, Ind.

Making a Great Impact: “I am grateful for Circles and its lessons for life. For me, Circles is about celebrating the greatness of the individual and one’s purpose of putting back into life more than is taken out. It is coming to understanding the magnificences of passed hardships, the nobility of meaningful work and developing courage to embrace the future. Having the opportunity to make wholesome friendships and access years of friendly wisdom gives hope.”

Rebecca Lewis,
McPherson, KS

Giving Hope to a New Generation: “I have often said, some are born on third base and for me, I was positioned somewhere out in the parking lot at the “Big Game of Life”. But because of the power of Circles in my life, my sons’ stories will be told from a much different starting position.”