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Circles®USA Partners With JobLingo™

Circles USA Partners with JobLingo

LOWELL, AR, November 13, 2014 – Circles® USA partnered with JobLingo™ to offer chapters and sites across the United States and Canada comprehensive job readiness training content and innovative tools to help Circle Leaders move out of poverty.

Dr. Jan McCormick, JobLingo Founder, and Circles USA Founder & CEO, Scott Miller, have joined forces to offer a hybrid job and career development curriculum to enhance current Circle Leader Training. JobLingo’s unique job readiness program titled More Than Ready: 7 Proven Techniques for Job Winners provides micro video lectures and workbook exercises using a facilitated web-based training model.

“With more than 20 years of research and experience, Dr. McCormick is well-regarded for her work with at-risk populations,” said Miller. “JobLingo’s specialized job readiness and soft skills strategy is an excellent complement to our program.”

“We saw an opportunity to offer job readiness skills training through a range of interactive, online content and learning tools. This model empowers Circle Leaders to meet personal goals as well as the needs of the community,” said McCormick.

Circles USA has sites in 70+ communities, 23 states and Canada. JobLingo materials were recently released to the Circles USA network.