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Pursuing Happiness

We are most effective when doing work that is both meaningful and makes us happy. For example, we are, as Walt Whitman would say, “large, [we] contain multitudes.” I am a kid from the ‘burbs, a national nonprofit leader, a long-time married guy, baby boomer, artist, musician, author, explorer, world traveler, seeker of higher consciousness, and recovering non-golfer. But my most essential identity is someone who wants to fulfill a life purpose while here on this spectacular planet. My nature, like yours, is hard-wired to pursue happiness, joy, beauty, abundance, love, and harmony. So, how do I intentionally follow my heart’s desire—my calling to adventure—and live a life full of loving relationships and meaning? What kind of life and work would make me happy next?

My Happiness Philosophy

  • Bottom line: Everyone wants to be happy.
  • We can achieve happiness by applying daily skills that we can learn.
  • People are happiest when they are part of a community of others who care for one another.
  • Happy people are naturally generous and focus a lot of their attention toward caring for others and appreciating nature.
  • Happy people will take a firm stand on what they believe is important in life.
  • Happy people don’t need as much stuff or activity to be happy. Therefore, they are easier on the planet and tend to live respectfully within the boundaries of natural limits.
  • Happiness is part of our emotional guidance system that lets us know we are pursuing what is most important to us, based on our values and our own unique internal “drummer.”
  • When we focus on what we want to do , rather than what we should do, the feeling of happiness will guide us in being a more productive citizen and a better steward of the planet.

From the book: Enough Money, Meaning & Friends ~ By Scott C. Miller

To learn more about Scott Miller, please see his website here.

Book Release: Enough Money, Meaning & Friends

Enough Money, Meaning & Friends, by Scott C. Miler

To be happy, we have to have enough money, be engaged in a purpose that matters to us, and enjoy a close circle of friends and family who have our back when we most need them. This book provides you with a straightforward approach to reorganizing your life around the essentials so you are no longer wasting your precious time, talent, and treasure on anything else. Make your highest contribution to a sustainable world that works for everyone.


Available on Amazon

To learn more about Scott Miller, please see his website here.

Book Release: Transformational Leadership by Scott C. Miller

Transformational Leadership: A Framework to End Poverty, How to Tap Your Community’s Wisdom to End Poverty and Thrive, by Scott C. Miller

This book provides a framework for how to begin the reduction of poverty in your community. We currently have a poverty management system and what we need is a poverty reduction system. Leaders can join others around the country in using the Transformational Map to guide them through the process of creating an alternative system that reduces poverty, which eventually can lead to the complete eradication of poverty.


Available from Amazon

To learn more about Scott Miller, please see his website here.