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Circles USA Hosts Virtual Leadership Conference

Circles USA’s Leadership Conference: April 19-23, 2021

2020 brought so many people to the breaking point. Families struggled to make ends meet. Volunteers and staff gave everything they had. In the face of unprecedented economic insecurity, let’s come together to strengthen our breakthrough solution.

  • BREAKTHROUGH – VISION: How to develop a bold plan for reducing poverty?
  • BREAKTHROUGH – SYSTEMS: How to move from poverty management to poverty reduction?
  • BREAKTHROUGH – JOBS: How to find job pathways for workers with low incomes?
  • BREAKTHROUGH – ISSUES: How to tackle Big View issues like the cliff effect, housing, and transportation?
  • BREAKTHROUGH – RESULTS: How to evaluate and grow your impact?
  • BREAKTHROUGH – RELATIONSHIPS: How to make meaningful connections during the pandemic?
  • BREAKTHROUGH – STORIES: How to elevate stories from our mission-driven community?

Save the date to join Circles USA online to be inspired, share innovative practices, and work together to create breakthroughs for your community.

See your CUSA newsletter for the link to purchase your conference tickets at the early bird rate.  Contact Gena for more information: