Being the Change is Essential to Leading Transformation

. . . transformed people transform people.

— Richard Rohr

To be the change we want to see happen is the lynchpin of the Transformational Map. Dedication to personal growth fosters positive change in the world. How can I change my life so that it’s in alignment with my vision for the world? When we embrace transformation as our personal assignment, we inspire and equip others as well.

I met Diane Pike and Arleen Lorrance, directors of Teleos Institute (, in 1979 at the impressionable age of 21, and they have been a major source of guidance and motivation for my personal growth and development ever since. Diane and Arleen met in 1971 and have been teaching their practical and profound principles through books, workshops, retreats, and speeches ever since.

Diane and Arleen’s Love Principles have been serving me for decades:

  • Receive all people as beautiful exactly as they are.
  • Be the change you want to see happen, instead of trying to change anyone else.
  • Create your own reality consciously.
  • Provide others with opportunities to give.
  • Have no expectations but rather abundant expectancy.
  • Problems are opportunities.
  • Remember, choice is the life process.

Whether you ascribe to these or similar principles, Transformational Leaders must consciously shift from reaction to response, especially when confronted with the resistance to change that is inevitable.

A deep commitment to one’s convictions is essential: Why do I want to realize this particular change? What does it mean to me? What more do I need to change in myself to be consistent with my values? Such self-awareness will ground you when confronting opposition. To be the change, your personal goals and values must be in alignment with the goals and values of the change you are guiding as a transformational leader.

From the book: Transformational Leadership: A Framework to End Poverty ~ By Scott C. Miller

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