Big View Policy Platform 2020


To advance systemic change, each Circles Chapter has a Big View Team with community members representing local government, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and businesses.

Earlier this year, we surveyed Big View Teams to discover all issues of concern, and these six were voted as priorities: 1) quality jobs, 2) the cliff effect, 3) access to broadband, 4) healthcare, 5) housing, and 6) transportation.

Board Member Joan Kuriansky authored our new Big View Policy Platform with two sets of recommendations – Local/County/State and National – for each issue.

Chapters are invited to use this document in various ways:

– Invite Circle Leaders to share their experiences about the six issues

– Convene a Big View meeting to discuss the platform and select an issue for focused work

– Engage elected officials and candidates for public office in a forum about this platform

– Send to allied organizations and use it to promote joint activities

– Share a story about your Chapter’s Big View work on one of the six issues for publication in our newsletter

This Big View Policy Platform is one outcome of our ongoing non-partisan Civic Participation Campaign. We’re especially promoting voter education, voter registration, and voter turnout on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

2 Pages: PDF | PPT      4 Pages: PDF | PPT    14 Pages: PDF | PPT