2021 Network Awards: Best Data — Circles Green Bay, WI

Congratulations to Circles Green Bay for winning the 2021 Network Award for Best Data Award.

We all know that collecting data matters, to show progress and to tell the story, but doing that in reality is not always easy. Circles Green Bay has been a model of improvement when it comes to data, as their team worked to enhance their data collection methods and the accuracy of that data. They were also early adopters of the new data points Circles USA rolled out in 2020, measuring the growth of staff and volunteers. Their commitment to such data not only helps funders and community members see the value of this model, Circles Green Bay can also make data-driven decisions for the future.

The efforts of Circles Green Bay has paid off as their data tells the story of their Circle Leaders moving from surviving to thriving in 18 months. As shown above, their results over time show a consistent increase in Circle Leader income.

Congratulations to Circles Green Bay for showing great diligence and excellent results in data.