2021 Network Awards: Outstanding Ally–Circles St. George, UT


Allies are essential to the success of the Circles model, intentionally supporting Circle Leaders on the journey from surviving to thriving. One pair of outstanding Allies comes from Circles St. George, Utah: Rona and Keith Hartz.

From their coordinator, Karen Todd, “They have gone above and beyond since they have been paired with Circle Leader, Adbby. Adbby is an inspiring young lady who moved from Mexico when she was 17 so she could finish her high school education here. When she graduated from high school, she got her first job and moved out on her own. She is now the legal guardian of her 15-year-old sister at the ripe old age of 25.

During quarantine, Rona and Keith have stayed in contact with Adbby by Zoom and text messages every week. She recently applied for a new job posted in our chapter newsletter, so Rona did mock interviewing with her and helped her become confident with her answers. She got the job and increased her pay by about $5.00 an hour. Adbby has said that without Circles and her great Allies, she would never have had the confidence to apply for a new job.

Adbby also had COVID in December, as well as her sister. She missed 20+ days of work because of contracting the virus and had no sick pay. She reached out to Rona and Keith, and together we brainstormed and found her rental assistance to get her through the month of December.

Rona and Keith have been outstanding Allies for their Circle Leader, modeling the perseverance and dedication the most successful Matched Circles have.”

Congratulations to Circles St. George, Rona, Keith, and of course to Adbby.