CUSA partner UCHRA to receive $25 million in TANF Opportunity Act funds

In 2021, Circles USA consulted with the Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency (UCHRA) to apply for Tennessee Opportunity Act planning grant, using the Circles model and poverty alleviation innovations at the heart of their proposal. Read more about this region of the Appalachian highlands and our seedling CUSA-UCHRA collaboration here.

The Upper Cumberland collaborative–named Empower UC–which includes Circles USA as a partner, has been awarded $25 million in TANF Opportunity Act funds to implement its plan, yielding another huge win for the region’s economy and laying the foundation for a CUSA multi-chapter drop-in for their 14-county region and the opportunity for future coalition building across the nation.

Established by the Tennessee General Assembly in 1973, the Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency (UCHRA) uses a combination of funds from federal, state, and local organizations to provide a wide variety of services and supports to the most vulnerable individuals across their rural region. UCHRA aims to cultivate self-sufficiency and build true wealth through innovation, collaboration, and leadership, envisioning a region abundant in resources, fostering a productive and vibrant life for the people of the Upper Cumberland.

For more information about the UCHRA and this TANF award, visit here to read more.