Circles Salt Lake (Salt Lake, UT) was recently selected by the Circles USA national office to “star” in our upcoming training video series.

The video series, conceived and produced by board member Jennifer Pelling and independent film director Brian Lawes, is the result of the duo’s years-long collaboration making films and videos for nonprofit organizations. In this latest video, prospective chapters can access a virtual “tour” of an existing chapter to experience the weekly meeting. 

“Weekly meetings are the heart of Circles USA,” said Executive Director Kamatara Johnson. “They’ve always been our most powerful tool for delivering our transformational services and community-building. The best way to understand what Circles does is to attend a meeting, but that is not possible for many people. So this video was created, not only as a training video, but also as an accessible resource for those hoping to learn more about CUSA.”

Circles Salt Lake was one of three groups among 61 candidate chapters selected as finalists for the “feature role.”

“We are so grateful for the recognition by Circles USA,” said Circles Salt Lake Executive Director Michelle Crawford. “It is always an incredible honor to reciprocate their support of us and contribute to the expanded Circles community. And we are over the moon grateful for our Circles Salt Lake community!”

Crawford reported that the chapter’s Circle Leaders, families, and volunteer team welcomed the filmmakers “warmly,” enduring the slight inconveniences of lighting and cameras in order to show their support “not just for our chapter, but future chapters of Circles.”  Participants described the filming process as “purposeful” and were gratified by the crew’s respect for Circles Salt Lake’s safe community spaces.

Jennifer Pelling shared, “Brian and I have been fortunate to film seven amazing chapters over the past year and a half. What we particularly loved about Circles Salt Lake was the atmosphere of competence, positivity, and support. Everyone we met had a calm, can-do energy. It was a joy to meet Michelle, Kelli, Britanee and the fantastic Circle Leaders, Allies, and volunteers at their beautiful location in Salt Lake City!”

Said Crawford of the experience: “Circles Salt Lake, I appreciate you for continually showing up, providing a warm, welcoming, safe and comfortable space and setting an example of what can be done when a community comes together.”

The training videos showcasing Circles Salt Lake will be available to the CUSA network later in 2023.

To watch CUSA’s new suite of short documentary films produced by Jennifer Pelling, visit our YouTube channel or our blog.