Lives Transformed Video Spotlight: Asking For Help | Yakilin’s Story | Circles USA

Circles changed me–I’m more comfortable with myself. There’s help out there, and it’s OK to ask.

– Yakilin, Circles Davis County, UT

What if hard work isn’t enough to break the barriers keeping a person in poverty? In this video you’ll meet Yakilin, a single parent who buried herself in work to cope with loneliness and economic anxiety. When Yakilin stepped out of her comfort zone and joined Circles USA, she built bonds that empowered her to reach out in times of need—giving and receiving support within a caring, non-judgmental community.

“Yakilin showed a lot of courage in being willing to share her story with us,” reflects Natalie Martyn, director of photography and editor of Circles USA’s Lives Transformed film series. “I could tell how deeply she’s thought about her journey, and I appreciate the example she sets for her kids and her community.”

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