Lives Transformed Video Spotlight: Building a Business | Pam’s Story | Circles USA

Circles is not a quick fix; it’s a permanent fix. They want you to succeed for life, not for the moment.

– Pam, Circles Upstate, SC

An often-overlooked path out of poverty is entrepreneurship. Pam, the Circle Leader featured in today’s video, is a single mom in Greenville, South Carolina. She had big goals for her family, yet she struggled to meet them with her income from cleaning houses. Her friends at Circles USA helped her turn her expertise into a successful small business.

“Pam was the first Circle Leader I met,” recalls Natalie Martyn, director of photography and editor of Circles USA’s Lives Transformed film series. “It was through my time with her that I began to understand just how impressive Circles is on a personal level. Arnold was also the first Ally I met, and it was nice to see him interact with Pam’s kids. And I loved Pam’s dog, Trixie!”

Reducing Poverty Through Entrepreneurship