Most programs get paid to do something about poverty…here’s some housing that’s cheaper, here’s some coaching, training, counseling. ‘I can give you some food.’ But all of that is what I call the poverty management system: trying to manage it with solving symptoms. What Circles does that’s unique is that it commits to families for as long as it takes to get out of poverty. We’re available like your friends are, so you can access your volunteers that are supporting you whenever you need to.

– Scott Miller, Founder, Circles USA

We’re proud to share this intimate portrait of Circles USA founder Scott Miller at home in Albuquerque, NM. Here, Scott reflects on the origins of Circles in his experiences as a volunteer at homeless shelters; the power of bringing communities together to change the narrative and the system around poverty; and his latest vision for poverty alleviation systems.

“Even after decades of work,” comments the documentary’s producer (and CUSA Board member) Jennifer Pelling, “Scott is still innovating! Sometimes we even had a hard time getting Scott to reflect on his past success because he was more interested in talking about new ideas for the future. We also enjoyed being in Scott’s home, which is filled with beautiful art created by himself, his wife, and other Albuquerque and New Mexico artists.”


Linking Poverty Reduction with Economic Development

Appreciating Scott Miller, Founder of Circles USA