Video Spotlight: Systemic Change Overcoming Predatory Title Loans | Circles USA

To be able to access a small amount of money in an emergency and not owe your life to somebody is huge. We give them an option.

– Sherri Brown, ED, Circles Troup County, GA

Predatory, high-interest loans run at an average 400% annual interest rate, trapping working families in cycles of poverty. Watch how one chapter of Circles USA worked to break this cycle by connecting participants with financial education, networks of support, and organized community actions to create a more humane option for people in need.

This topic is an urgent one for the CUSA community of practice, says Jennifer Pelling, Board member and producer of our new short documentary film series. “The exorbitant interest charged by many title loan and payday loan companies is absolutely shameful—watch the video and prepare to be shocked,” she says. “Circles of Troup County came together to provide a win-win solution that can be replicated elsewhere! I would love to see Big View teams in other chapters follow their lead!”

Removing the Barriers that Trap People in Poverty: Part One