On January 5th, 2023, Circles USA will participate in the National Day of Dialogue (NDOD), an annual event for individuals, bridge-building leaders, and peacemaking organizations seeking to heal a divided world through the power of dialogue. It is an opportunity to connect, share, and be inspired by a community opening the door to a more empathic future. 

NDOD 2023 is hosted by Ideos Institute and a coalition of partner organizations. This powerful event features keynote presentations from expert practitioners, engaging panel conversations, and breakout sessions to engage diverse perspectives, learn respite care, and provide community-building opportunities.


The 2023 National Day of Dialogue frames the day’s programming with inspiring stories from experts navigating four highly polarizing issues. Following this, NDOD offers a number of panels and workshops to engage the audience around transformative bridge-building and dialogue practices that lead to lasting and sustainable change.

Programming will include four TED-style talks from expert practitioners on the front lines of bridge-building work; panels of experts sharing ideas around best practices and the future of bridge-building work; practical workshops to engage in constructive dialogue and other critical skills; and resources for practitioners to receive respite care and build support networks.

Circles USA executive director Kamatara Johnson will be facilitating a workshop sharing how relationships are the key to accomplishing our missions.


Ideos Institute, a global leader in Empathic Intelligence, offers leadership development training to help individuals, organizations, and communities navigate complex issues and conflict through the power of empathy. Much like CUSA’s, their model works at the intersection of faith, dialogue, and civic engagement so that the dignity, experiences, and perspectives of all people are included in efforts to solve our greatest challenges.

Ideos Institute founder Christy Vines, a member of the Circles USA Board since October 2020, is an empathy expert, thought leader, and social commentator. She founded Ideos to focus on the advancement of empathy and the equipping of trusted leaders to engage empathically in the big questions of our time. After leaving a professional career in national security and global conflict, she leads Ideos Institute’s research in the field of Empathic Intelligence and its application to conflict transformation, social capital, communal resiliency, and servant leadership.

“The Circles model, and the leadership that supports it, inspire me every day to keep engaging in the difficult work of social transformation,” says Vines, “and I’m both proud and humbled to be a part of the CUSA mission of building community to end poverty. “


The National Day of Dialogue is an invitation to anyone looking to engage further with the work of bridge-building and dialogue. CUSA, Ideos, and partners need you now, more than ever, to join the movement to stand up to polarization with the healing power of dialogue. 

Here’s how:

1. Sign up. Go to www.nationaldayofdialogue.com to learn more about NDOD, see the event calendar and register to attend.

2. Spread the word. Invite your friends, family, and connections to join this important conversation. NDOD is your opportunity to learn critical skills and connect with professionals on the front line of bridge-building efforts.