Circles USA Partners with The Workers Circle to Support Chapter Civic Engagement and Advocacy

Circles USA is proud to partner with The Workers Circle to support the systemic change needed to remove the barriers that keep people in poverty. As we are “building community to end poverty,” it is important to strengthen our capacity for thoughtful dialogue and taking collective action. The resources from The Workers Circle support the inner work and the outer work of social justice in a powerful, nonpartisan way. We look forward to our local chapters utilizing these resources to engage with their community members and decide to take new steps toward a more accessible and equitable democracy in which all people can thrive. 

The Workers Circle is a national, secular, Jewish social justice organization founded by Eastern European immigrants who came to the United States fleeing autocracy and persecution, and seeking democratic freedoms and economic opportunities at the turn of the 20th century. That history drives our work for an inclusive democracy and human equality today. As a non-partisan, social justice organization rooted in Jewish culture, we believe uniting at this moment across cultures and races to practice the democracy we are demanding for our nation. We welcome you to bring your culture, your tradition, your experiences to our activist community so together, we can build a better and more beautiful world for all.

The Workers Circle offers a variety of resources to support community building and democratic engagement. Chapters can sign up to receive their “Discussion Resources” guide and their “Take Action” guide to support your Big View Team to learn more, deepen your understanding, and above all: take action. 

Their Discussion Resources support Circles chapters to reflect and think together about the state of our nation. Resources include: articles to read together, videos to watch together, poetry to discuss, and encouragement to share your own stories. Each resource comes with a set of discussion questions. Chapters can select what’s right for their community and their current focus with the Big View. 

The Take-Action Guide offers specific actions to support a more fair and equitable democracy. For example: writing postcards or calling voters of color in states with harsh voter suppression laws to support their voting actions, recruiting friends and neighbors to become non-partisan poll monitors, joining demonstrations and rallies, or making visits to your Senators. With a list of actions and action steps, chapters can find the right next steps for their community’s Big View. 

Upcoming events with Workers Circles and resources can be found at their website, very similarly named: