In preparation for our 2023 Leadership Conference at St. Luke’s in Orlando, FL, we’re introducing you to our conference keynote speakers. Day 1 will feature mini-keynote addresses from Circle Leaders, as we deepen our understanding of the lived experience of poverty. Read more here to see our Call for Speakers. 

On day 2 of the event, we shift our focus from Deepening to Expanding. Whether we extend our practice to include new people, broaden the scope of our work transforming poverty, or launch new initiatives with innovative community partners, Expanding is key to growing CUSA’s impact in 2023 and beyond.

To lead us in our work of expanding CUSA’s impact, board member and partner Christy Vines will deliver a keynote titled “Taking a Big View: Disrupting the Systems of Poverty with Empathy.”

Christy, a featured presenter at our 2021 Virtual Leadership Conference, is the founder and president of Ideos Institute, a global leader in the research and understanding of empathic intelligence and its application to human relationships, social cohesion, and cultural change. In 2015, she left the field of religious conflict and extremism to find answers to the disconnections, biases, and misperceptions that often underlie conflict in the first place. Ideos is the founder and lead organization of the National Day of Dialogue, where CUSA has served as a coalition partner since 2022.

In addition to leading Ideos, Christy is a published writer and speaker, and the executive producer of the 2022 documentary film, Dialogue Lab: America, a moving take on the current state of division and polarization in the U.S. 

Experience Christy’s inspiring message Wednesday morning, Oct. 18, day 2 of CUSA’s 2023 Leadership Conference! 

Register for the conference or learn more about empathy and the Ideos-Circles USA partnership on our blog.